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    Congratulations JayKay on the creation and launch of Once again you live up to your "Unselfish" nickname and knock one out of the park.

    It is well known that history and even the world can change when ordinary people do extraordinary things. Not only have you done extraordinary things here, but many more of us can join you and do the same now. Thank you.

    Direct charity without the self-interest or corruption is a model that can change the world. As someone who lost his own parents, I know exactly what this can do for the kids. And, I am honored and humbled to be part of that change.

    Phil Wayne

    Phil Wayne

    Editor and Site Operations

    Hi JayKay,

    Congratulations on creating the Orphan Feeder Charity!

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in the growth of a child and help them develop their potential to succeed in life.

    May God blessings rest upon you, your family and the whole team of Orphan Feeder!

    Jeanne N Esther

    Your Testimonial Will Be Shown Right Here With YOUR URL :-) - YOUR Charity That Feeds Orphans

    I GUARANTEE Helping Someone WORSE OFF
    Than Yourself Will Lift Your Spirit HIGH & You
    Will FEEL Ecstatic - Help Me Make YOUR Da

    From the desk of JayKay Bak

    Please, Allow Me To Introduce Myself, And Thanks.

    My Name Is JayKay Bak, aka The Unselfish Marketer (Google Me). This Is The Nick-Name Given To Me By My Peers, And The Name Of My Commercial Organization. Chances Are You Do NOT Know Me Even Though I've Made Quite A Name For Myself Selling Information Products Online Via Membership Sites, From Which I Happen To Be A $7 Figure Earner

    I Seldom Talk Much About My Own Success And This Will Not Be The Exception. It's Sufficient To Say I Don't NEED More Money So Let's Move On To What My Organization And I Have Created, Shall We?

    I Live In And Have My Headquarters In Thailand, The Country That Is The Beacon Of Freedom And Hope In Indochina, And Home To Untold Thousands Upon Thousands Of Young Orphans; Orphans By Political Circumstance, Orphans By Birth, Orphans From The Drug And Sex Trades, Orphans Because Of Life

    The Orphans Have Lost Everything And Now They Are Going Hungry Through No Fault Of Their Own, Or Even The Handful Of Dedicated Volunteers Who Are Left To Fend Alone Or Are Under-Supported By Their Parent Charitable Organizations

    Did YOU Never Donate To Any Charities? JUST Like Me...

    I Will NOT Name Charities But The Sad Truth Is That As Little As 6% (yup, just SIX percent) Ends Up In Mouths Of The Intended Recipients - When You Donate $100 ONLY $6 Is Left ... To Me That's Certifiable Insane And Should Be Punishable By Law

    ou May Find My Blunt Statement A Bit Harsh, But As A Danish Viking I Was Raised To Call A Spade A Spade And I'm Not Good At Sugarcoating Anything, Especially This Unpleasant. We're Talking About Innocent Lives Being Robbed For A Chance Of A Better Life ONLY Because People In "The Right Positions" Got Carried Away By Their Own Greed

    In A Typical Charity, Out Of Your $100, $94 Goes To:

    Fancy Headquarters

    Million Dollar Salaries

    Staff Who Are Gifted HUGE Mansions

    Staff Who Are Gifted Chauffeurs, Cooks & Maids

    Land Rovers Since Half Priced Toyotas Aren't Posh Enough ... WOOT!!

    In NOT A Single Dollar Goes To:

    Fancy Headquarters
    I Own Orphan Feeder HQ, Paid In Full

    Million Dollar Salaries
    I Ask NO Salary And All Staff Are Volunteers Or Paid By Me

    Staff Who Are Gifted HUGE Mansions
    NO Mansions, Houses Or Even Huts

    Staff Who Are Gifted Chauffeurs, Cooks & Maids
    NO Paid Staff, Period

    Land Rovers...
    NO, We Use Our Own Cars And Rent Trucks Paid By Me Practices "Direct To Mouth" Charity

    We Feed Orphans And We Do That Well. In Fact, BECAUSE I Personally Feed 189 Orphans Out Of My Own Pocket (per July 2012) The Costs Of Logistics Have Already Been Taken Care Of. So YOUR Donations Won't Be Diluted At All

    How Does Work?
    We Don't Just Go For The Close By, Easy, Or Spectacular "Photo Opportunity" Orphanages. Instead, We Travel Up To 200 Miles Into The Countryside Where Our Help Is MOST NEEDED, Since Orphanages "Out There" Worry About Where To Get Rice For The Next Meal

    We Happily Travel More Than 480 Miles During Our Monthly "Rice Run". Again, The Distribution Costs Are Paid By Me, JayKay Bak, Personally Mission Statement

    We Want To Be Feeding At Least 1000 Orphans Every Month Before The End Of This Year. Within The Next 2 Years It's Our Goal To Feed At Least 10,000 Orphans Every Month. That Is Very Possible But, We Need YOUR HELP To Meet These Goals...

    I'm ALL IN JayKay - I Also Want To Help Someone Who's WORSE OFF Than Myself ... No One Ever Told Me I Was Heartless & I'm Going To Prove I Have A Heart Right This Minute By Clicking Below Since I Can't Find Anything More Worthwhile To Spend Measly 33 Cents On Every Day

    Trust Me When I Say That Scientific Studies Prove Over And Over Again That Your Brain "Releases Happiness", Adds Strength To Your Body And Overall Fills You With Inner Joy When Doing GOOD By GIVING

    On Behalf Of The Orphans THANK YOU For Your Contribution

    Warmest regards,
    JayKay Bak
    Feeding Orphans First
    Let's Make History.!

    P.S. Did You Read That Not 1 Single Cent Of Your Monthly $10 Donation Goes Towards The Daily Costs Of Running The Orphan Feeder Organization?

    P.P.S. What Makes A Human SPECIAL Isn't Measured By How Much You Accumulate For Yourself But Rather How Much You Willingly Give To Others.

    P.P.P.S. Help Me Make YOUR Day